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I frequently get asked about which lenses, equipment, books, etc. to buy so I’ve decided to start a list to direct people to instead of digging up the links each time I answer.



One of the easiest ways to waste money in photography is to buy a cheap tripod. Unless you’re spending $150 or more, you might as well be lighting that money on fire for all the good your flimsy tripod will do you. If you’re not ready to invest in a tripod, hold onto your money until you are. When you’re ready, these are the ones to look at:





  • Rocket Blower – $9 – A must-have cleaning tool that’s inexpensive and easy to carry with you. A blast of air from this blower will take care of most lens debris sensor dust.
  • LensPEN Lens Cleaning System $8 – Handy lens cleaner. Brush gets rid of dust and special pad removes smudges.
  • Sensor Swab Plus Type 3 w/ Eclipse (4pk) $18 – This is what I use to clean my camera’s sensor (it’s not as scary as people have told you it is.) Easy to use and premoistened with exactly the right amount of cleaner. There are different sizes for different camera sensors, so check the reference to be sure you’re getting the right size for your camera (if you have a crop sensor you probably want this one.  There’s also a list of cameras and which size they take on the manufacturer website here: )Some of the reviews make it sound like a bad product, but my experience has been completely opposite. Easy to use, great results, and about a tenth of the cost of paying someone else to clean it for you.
  • DustAid Sensor Cleaner $29 – This is what I’ve started using for the majority of my sensor cleaning that a rocket blower alone can’t do. It’s the method that uses to clean thousands of cameras per month and it’s quite easy to use. The special little stamper tool is designed to pick up dirt and dust and lift it straight up instead of dragging it across the sensor like the other methods do.


Color Management





Lightroom is the software for you to manage, edit, print, and share your photos.


Full disclosure: if you buy something through one of these links I’ll get between a 4-10% kickback (the cost to you does not increase.) I won’t be upset if you don’t buy through these links, but I’ll be very appreciative if you do.

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