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Photo courtesy of Kyle Graham
I got into photography with a point and shoot digital camera sometime around 2000. I had no idea about the fundamentals, rules of composition, etc., but I was having a great deal of fun snapping shots. In 2005 I purchased my first dSLR, the Nikon D70. This camera opened up a new world to explore and pushed me into learning everything I could about photography. Since then I've upgraded through the Nikon system with each jump opening up new shooting potential.

I'm the organizer of Exposure Roanoke, a regional photo club that focuses on getting photographers together to shoot (instead of just talking about it.) I give private lessons, teach workshops, and speak to groups by request. I have a background in technical education and get a great deal of satisfaction from teaching complex subjects in a way anyone can understand.

I'm a firm believer in two photographic principles: 1) If you want to take photos that no one else does, go when and where no one else will. 2) If you want to take more interesting shots, you need to stand in front of more interesting things. So, waterfalls by moonlight? Snorkeling in a snowstorm? Slinging fire at the lens? Let's do it!

Places to See My Work Online
  • Seeing in the Dark: A Guide to Night Photography - A compilation of night photography info and training.

  • Flickr - Ad-driven image sharing with friends and fellow photographers.

  • Kids in the Valley, Adventuring! - I volunteer to shoot the monthly events whether it be hiking, a river cleanup, or a rainy day in the garden.

  • 500px - 500px is an interesting photo sharing website. It's similar to Flickr, but the average photo quality seems to be much higher there.

  • Panoramio - Using GPS information to 'geotag' the photos you take, you can upload them to Panoramio and see them on the map. Many online services do this these days, but the ones on Panaramio eventually wind up being included in Google Maps.

  • Stock Photography - Selling pictures to designers to use in magazines, ads, websites, and anywhere else they may need an image but don't want to go through the trouble of having it taken.

Photography Guide and Tours
Want to shoot in the Roanoke, VA region with someone to show you the best shooting locations or to help you get the shot once you're on location? Need help planning an event for your photo club? Give me a shout! or 540-384-0566