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Book Release

After nearly two years of work, I am very pleased to announce that the first book in the Competent Photographer series is available on Amazon. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make it possible! The Competent Photographer: Stage … Continue reading

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A Quick and Simple Bokeh How-To

During our photo club’s decoration shoot this year the number one question I heard was along the lines of “how do I do that shot with the lights around it?” so I’ve thrown together a quick tutorial. This post is targeted … Continue reading

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Identifying Stars with Lightroom

This week I’ve been on the hunt for Comet ISON, but that’s a post in itself. This one is about a trick I stumbled upon that helped me determine that I had, in fact, captured ISON this week and it’s … Continue reading

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Slides from Comet ISON Presentation

By request, here are the slides from last night’s presentation on ISON to Exposure Roanoke. The resources and tools we talked about are listed on the last slide. The audio of the presentation can be downloaded here: ISON Presentation for … Continue reading

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Natural vs. Flash Follow-up: The Test Shoot

Last week I spent some time in my friends’ studio working on replicating a natural light scene with flash. Today, I was fortunate to have the photographers from Bold Sheep Photography do two shoots for me – one with natural … Continue reading

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