Competent Photographer Course

The CPC is a training course designed to efficiently teach the core concepts and skills that a competent photographer should possess. It is organized into three main stages with each component lesson designed to teach the information in easy to understand chunks that build on the previous lessons. The ultimate goal of this course is to make sure you are a well-rounded photographer with a solid foundation of photography knowledge and know-how.

Next In-Person Classes

Salem, VA:
CPC1 – Begins Sept. 29th (weekly, 10 weeks) – Salem, VA (Sign-Up Link)
CPC2 – Begins Oct. 1st (weekly, 6 weeks) – Salem, VA (Sign-Up Link)

Online Classes

The CPC is available as an online course where you can complete projects and exercises that will reinforce your learning. You can also interact with instructors who can answer your questions and keep your learning on track.

For more information about enrollment in the online course: Pricing & Signup

The Stages

Stage One – We start with a focus on the science and technical side of photography. You’ll learn camera operation including your auto, semi-auto, and full manual modes as well as fundamental information that will help you master your camera and gain an understanding of how your choices will impact the final image.

Stage Two – Once you’re comfortable and confident with using your camera, we move on to the artistic and creative side of photography. You will learn about concepts like composition, scene analysis, and other creative tools that will allow you to develop and realize and share your own artistic vision.

Stage Three – Here we merge art and science and work on developing the skills and abilities that any competent photographer should have. You will learn the fundamentals of lighting and light modification, basic portrait work, group shots, basic nature and landscape techniques, etc. so that you’ll be prepared and capable of handling the typical tasks any photographer is expected to know how to do.

Stage Checks

Tests between each stage ensure that you have a firm grasp of the material before moving on to the next stage so we can spend valuable class time on more advanced subject matter rather than going over the basics.

CPC Instructors

Just because a person can do something well, that doesn’t guarantee they can teach it to someone else effectively. CPC certified instructors have undergone special training to ensure that not only do they know and understand the material included in this course, but more importantly, they are capable of teaching it in a way you’ll understand too. When you’re looking for someone to help you through this course, be sure they are CPC certified.

Individual Certifications

Once you’ve completed the course, you have an option to demonstrate your knowledge and ability in front of a designated examiner who can issue your CPC. Many people may be happy simply taking this course as a learning experience and never test for their official CPC, however, there are some benefits you may find attractive. First, it’s a motivator and personal accomplishment to prove to yourself that you really are a competent and well-rounded photographer. Second, there are some training opportunities that will require attendees to have their CPC to ensure that time can be spent on learning advanced topics rather than covering the things a photographer should already know.

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