Looking to improve your photography? Let me help you achieve your goals!


Personalized Instruction/Mentoring (in person or online)

One of the best things you can do for you own photography is to work with someone who can help point you in the right direction, whether it’s help with analyzing your current work or helping you decide what to learn next. With personalized instruction, we can work on what you feel would be most helpful to you.

Not in my area? Not a problem! Using video chat tools we can work together online to cover a number of things from camera basics to advanced techniques to critique and photo analysis to post-processing using Lightroom.


Structured Learning/Competent Photographer Course

√Ä la carte¬†learning is right for some, but others may prefer a more structured experience. For those people I’ve developed a syllabus and set of standards for ensuring the training of a competent photographer.

Benefits of a standardized training method include:

  • a clear understanding of how your training will proceed making efficient use of your time
  • presenting information in a building block method so that new concepts build on the ones you’ve already learned
  • milestone checks along the way to make sure that you understand concepts before moving on to the next lesson

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certification to show that you have mastered the concepts and skills that go into being a competent photographer. And more important than any certification, you’ll have the confidence that goes along with knowing that you are a competent photographer. More information about the CPC can be found here.


Group Sessions

Have a group of photographers who are interested in studying and shooting together? Let’s put together a day of learning, shooting, and fun! Don’t live nearby? I’ll come to you.


For more information, or to schedule time, please contact me.

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