Winter Kayaking

I’m a photographer from the mountains of Virginia with 15 years experience in technical education and a penchant for adventure. Night photography is my passion, and I’ve authored a book on the subject – “Seeing in the Dark: A Guide to Night Photography“.

Phone: 540-384-0566

Guided Photography Tours

Looking to shoot with in the Roanoke, VA area and want someone to help you find the best shots or help you get the shot once you’re on location? Let’s go on an adventure! Give me a shout and we’ll plan out the details.

Other Places to Find Me Online – I am the organizer for the Exposure Roanoke photographers club which focuses on bringing photographers together to go out and shoot. We also have a strong community service and educational component. – Most of the workshops I teach are listed here.

Kids in the Valley, Adventuring! – I volunteer to shoot the monthly events whether it be hiking, a river cleanup, or a rainy day in the garden.

Panaramio – Using GPS information to ‘geotag’ the photos you take, you can upload them to Panaramio and see them on the map. Many online services do this these days, but the ones on Panaramio eventually wind up being included in Google Maps. – Selling pictures to designers to use in magazines, ads, websites, and anywhere else they may need an image but don’t want to go through the trouble of having it taken. – Where I share my latest images.

Flickr – Where I used to share images. I still keep it as a historical record and tool to allow me to look back and gauge my progress.


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